Hey Colleague-to-be, 
I’m Olga. I do all things content creation at Softeq Development. Softeq is a full-stack development service provider, which means we know how to build an end-to-end solution and have all the required skills under the same roof: embedded software, hardware, web, mobile, and desktop app development. 

Current situation

We’re transitioning to Account Based Marketing. To support our Sales and Account Management teams with quality materials, we’ve loads of new content to create and promote. That’s why we’re looking for a copywriter to bolster our Marketing team's efforts.

What you’ll do

  • Highlight new competencies acquired on one of our corporate websites (we’re now digging deeper into Robotics and Blockchain)
  • Tell about latest projects delivered through case studies
  • Disseminate ‘hot off the press’ news, e.g. through a story on how our team nailed a client’s problem or why the solution we’ve developed has landed an award
  • Capture customer project feedback in a video interview
  • Craft press releases, white papers, collateral for events, and presentations, among others

Skills and capabilities we look for

  • Excellent command of English and Russian: ability to word syntactically and grammatically correct sentences
  • Succinct and thoughtful writing, clear communication: ability to dig into details to explain complex technical matters in a digestible and concise manner understood by business readers
  • Long-read writing experience (e.g. an article, white paper, process documentation, etc.)
  • Understanding of social media promo principles: ability to craft engaging short stories and promote them via social channels
  • Self-reliance: ability to prioritize tasks when no one’s pushing, suggest a workaround to a problem, ask for help when stuck, offer help if someone’s stuck

Would be a plus

  • Experience in writing for IT
  • Familiarity with Infostyle
  • Practical skills in using graphic and video editing tools
  • Familiarity with graphic design principles

Things we don’t do

  • Compile pseudo unique content based on 3rd party resources
  • Use hype-y wording
  • Sacrifice meaning for the sake of SEO

What to expect from us

  • Support in perfecting one’s writing style
  • Help in digesting technicalities to be able to translate them into user value
  • IT-conditioned financial reward

How to apply for the job

If the above is something you excel in, please send your CV, including links to the content pieces you have created and a completed test task at hr@softeq.com.

Test task

Write 2 sets of sample social media posts, each highlighting a new solution delivered by Softeq

Set 1: a post in English for 2 social media channels (Fb + Twitter; LinkedIn + Twitter)

Set 2: a post in Russian for 2 social media channels (Fb + Twitter)

Useful links

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Skype: anna.boshko
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